What does Qualiax do?

We develop software and advise companies on how to get the most of the technology that nowadays exist. We are partnered with many of the big industry movers to bring the best experiences to our customers.

Services we offer include:

Cloud Services

Nowadays every bit of information can be accessed from anywhere. Our servers manage tons of data which are at the disposal of companies that need them.

Chatbot Assistant

With AI we have developed software capable of conversating and helping users with their needs. The software learns with every conversation it has, and can be developed in multiple languages.


One of our main objectives is to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. This gives our customers more time to think on how to expand their business.


Our team of marketing experts have years of experience working with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest applications. Most of our active users come from here.

Geolocation Services

Partnered with Google and Apple maps services, we have worked on numerous projects that uses GPS data to deliver a great experience.

Big Data

Data is all around the world. Each day, millions of gigabytes of information are being generated. Striving to get the most out of it is our main objective.


Thanks to the rise of ecommerce, new applications have rised to effectively manage stock levels and distribution. Our software speeds up and manages productively our customers warehouses.


Companies have the need to be accessible online. There are many who say that if you are not on the internet, you do not exist. We carefully design websites to the specific needs of our clients.

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Driving technological change and striving to success

Qualiax was built to make an impact. Our engineers are trained to optimize efforts and design powerful algorithms that can perform with outstanding results. We develop software that learns through every process and optimizes every time it is used. Some of our designs include machine learning systems that are able to maintain a conversation with a person and learn to solve the questions that might arise. In addition to this example, we also train systems to maximize profits through price alteration depending on user inputs such as views, add to carts or purchases. 

Our experienced team is available and at the disposal of our customers. We study and periodically meet with companies and help them meet the goals that we, together, set up. Technology is making our world change fast, and those that want to stand out, will have to keep up the pace. In Qualiax we help our customers stay up to date and be constantly thriving to get better. This is one of our objectives as a company.

Data is the new Oil of the world. Data science starts with business understanding, asking relevant questions and defining concrete objectives for the problems that need to be solved. Then comes data mining, data cleaning, exploration and feature engineering. Once everything is set, we design predictive models and incredibly simple visualizations to help get the most of the information companies are generating. Good data management will help take better decisions.

In Qualiax we build adaptable software that fits our customers needs. Some of our projects include; data automation systems that manage invoicing, inventory levels and order fulfillment. We have also developed programs that are able to locate shops all around the world that have specific product sets. We are able and willing to work on everything that is able to make a positive impact on companies.

Marketing has changed more in the past 10 years than it had in the previous 100. Consumers today are connected to the web 24/7, that is why we help our customers promote their businesses through online channels. Our services include digital competitive analysis, content marketing, email campaigns, Facebook ads campaigns, conversion rate optimization, Google search engine optimization and more.